Sunday, August 4, 2019

Getting Parcels Across the Globe Safely with LBC

A few months ago, Mrs. Victoria Santos, a Filipina nurse working in the UK instructed her family in Cebu to send important legal documents to her in London. The documents were delivered three weeks late as the courier company she trusted misplaced the shipment.  In another instance, Mr. David Paredes, a software engineer working in Canada left his iPad in Manila while on vacation last month. He asked his wife to send the iPad via courier to Canada as soon as possible because he needed it for work. When it was delivered, his iPad was severely damaged and broken.

These painful incidences pushed both Mrs. Santos and Mr. Paredes to go back to the basics- and rely on the one courier who built their name from the ground up on the strength of their expertise and hard work: LBC.

LBC knows that when OFWs require something sent to them from the Philippines, these items must be important, valuable, and urgently needed. LBC International Sending leverages LBC’s worldwide network of branches, agents, and partners to ensure that OFWs are provided with the superior support services that only an experienced and leading courier and cargo company like LBC can provide. Additionally, LBC International cargo shipping rates to several popular OFW destinations like the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, UAE, Taiwan, Malaysia and the UK are very competitive and reasonable.

Through their International Sending Services, LBC makes sure that important shipments like passports, documents, gadgets, photos and similar items are handled and delivered with the utmost care, security, priority, safety, and urgency to our kababayans abroad.  With their brand reputation and unmatched service experience, LBC International Sending Services would have delivered Mrs. Santos’ documents on time and delivered Mr. Paredes’ Ipad without a scratch. This is the reason why then and until now, LBC continues to be the most trusted courier, cargo, logistics, and remittance service provider of the global Filipino.

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