Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Workbank Spearheads Free Training for Filipinos in Partnership with SCALE

Essential skills. Employers these days are looking beyond the polished and impressive curriculum vitae. There are skills that enterprises need for better business efficiency. Workbank, a jobs and careers site, believes in investing in Filipino job seekers through free training and seminars, which will allow them to find the right opportunities.

By partnering with SCALE, Workbank is able to further strengthen its efforts by equipping Filipinos with these soft skills that will set them apart from other job candidates. Training and mentorship will scale up their employability.

In a recently concluded training Workbank spearheaded and in collaboration with SCALE, Filipino job seekers were able to elevate their holistic skills increasing their chances of getting employment the soonest possible time through the free training held last month.

The training was divided into two types: SCALE Basics and SCALE Pro.

SCALE Basics is a training program that prepares individuals to build their foundational skills such as Purpose, Values and GRIT. This is geared toward inexperienced job seekers who may have just graduated from college. SCALE Pro, as the name suggests, is intended for working professionals who want to build soft skills such as communication, analytical and critical thinking, and work ethic.

These soft skills are skills not taught in schools or universities. Students buried their noses in books to be able to master their specialization. SCALE focuses on building soft skills, which are a combination of values, people skills, communication skills, social, emotional and digital intelligence.

"We hope to complement job seekers learned technical skills from college in order for them to excel and be fully equipped in this age of the modern workforce; bottom line is one cannot just be good at being an accountant; you need to know how to communicate well and solve the issues you encounter and manage stress," said Carla Mumar, CEO and Founder of SCALE.

Workbank, for its part, strengthens the integrity of its pool of talents building credibility among companies and organizations who use the platform to find the right individuals with certain skill sets.

"At Workbank, we want to make sure that the candidates are ready for their job interview and have all the possible resources they can provide to make the journey better and life-changing," said Reggie Fernandes, country head, Workbank. "We want to help Filipinos have a productive and empowered future."

Workbank said this is just a start because it has committed itself to invest in Filipino job seekers so they will be able to tread the right career path and find the right fit for them.

For more information, visit www.workbank.com.

About Workbank

Workbank is an online job portal that invests in Filipinos not only by connecting them to job opportunities across the country, but also by ensuring they are equipped with information and resources to help them be the most productive they can be. Established in 2018, Workbank is a Filipino-ran tech company with a heart. Their "malasakit" for the Filipino talent manifests in their exclusive perks and free trainings for job seekers.

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