Sunday, January 15, 2017

BGC Arts Center Festival: Revealing Facets of Modern Filipino Performance Artistry

Firing off a passionate start for 2017, the BGC Arts Center marks its identity as the home of the Filipino artist. True to its word, it will hold the BGC Arts Center Festival - a 2-day arts festival on January 14-15, hosting performances and events that will illuminate the many layers that modern Filipino artists are animating, to give voice to the range of the human condition. The BGC Arts Center is the centerpiece of BGC’s cultural district. It is a project of the non-profit, Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. which also gave us the The Mind Museum, the first world class science museum in the country. The BGC Arts Center is the first and only stand-alone theater established through private donations. A collaboration by award-winning architects and designers, the BGC Arts Center is composed of the Maybank Performing Arts Theater, the Alveo Central Plaza, and the Sun Life Amphitheater. The BGC Arts Center Festival is aligned with how the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) recognizes the integral role of having the two great human traditions of art and science, shape, deepen and enrich a city’s identity and contribute to the larger cultural story of our nation. Aiming to keep art alive and accessible through various cultural activities, BAFI champions public art - through murals, ArtMart, BGC Impromptu, public performances - as an essential part of community life. The BGC Arts Center is committed to offer the breadth and depth of Filipino artistry to the community. As such, the Art Festival will offer a wide range - from totally original Filipino creations to brilliant local adaptations of works with universal themes. The festival will include children’s plays from Artist Playground and Kids Acts Philippines, several dance performances by STEPS, staged readings of selected scenes by The Egg Theatre Co., a performance of an original play by Artist Playground, a supremely engaging performance by a pioneer Filipino Improv group, SPIT Manila, an acclaimed local production from Twin Bill Theater, an award-winning original Filipino musical from Philippine Stagers, and opera pieces from MusicArtes, Inc. Completing the Arts Festival are art talks, outdoor events such as BGC Art Mart that regularly feature the work of local artisans and other surprise offerings at the Sun Life amphitheater. Musicals. Plays. Dance. Improv. Spoken Word. Concerts. All Pinoy. All Great. Check out the BGC Arts Center Festival event page on Facebook for the schedules and details of the performances.***

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