Thursday, December 17, 2015

Staging the Men of Design

Basic home furniture and everyday items get a fresh, modern take and find harmony between function, practicality and design as Men of Design Matt Carr of Umbra; Arno Ruijzenaars of Leff Amsterdam; and Kenneth Cobunpue take the spotlight at the “Contemporary Design Showcase”.

The Contemporary Design Showcase features the masterpieces of the three esteemed designers who represent their globally-recognized brands in contemporary home furnishing.

Matt Carr of Toronto-based homeware design company Umbra who is for his signature designs that can be distinguished by subtle design detail, style references and the reinvention of traditional objects. Arno Ruijzenaars of clock master Leff Amsterdam pushes the boundaries to create timepiece which exposes elements of construction such as the Tube Clock. Kenneth Cobonpue, a renowned Filipino furniture designer, is known for his masterpieces made of natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, abaca, and buri palm such as the Yoda chair.

Men of Design Matt Carr, Arno Ruijzenaars and Kenneth Cobonpue prove that in the world of artistry, design knows no gender. It is the sensibility of the artists that is always at the core of every masterpiece. And in these modern times, the perfect marriage of beauty and function is the common principle shared by designers across the globe—or the force that binds Umbra, Leff Amsterdam and Kenneth Cobonpue.

Catch the works of these design masters at the Kenneth Cobonpue Showroom located at The Residences, San Lorenzo Tower, Greenbelt, Makati City.

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