Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Techie Loved Ones

Looking for the perfect gift for game console players and techies this holiday season? Give them Energeyes Digital Lenses, a protective eyewear that helps guard their eyes from the harmful blue light that causes digital eye strain.

Energeyes is a defense eyewear that helps alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain by blocking over 50% of harmful blue light through the synergistic actions of a reflective front surface treatment on the lens and an absorptive lens material.

With the prevalence of electronic devices like smart phones, tablets and computers, people are spending most of their time in front of these gadgets. Techies and game console players specifically, who allot a large portion of their time, are likely to have the common eye disorder called digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain is a condition caused by prolonged exposure to harmful blue light from digital devices. Its symptoms include constant headaches, eye fatigue and blurred vision.  While digital eye strain may be temporary, it may result to a more serious eye-related disorder if not addressed soon.

Energeyes Digital Lenses blocks out damaging blue light and improves visual performance by eliminating glares from digital screens.

Energeyes is now available at participating Ekotek branches, and select Apple Stores such as iStudio Shangri-La and iStudio Gateway. Visit these stores and branches for the perfect defense against digital eye strain.

‘Tis the season of caring for your loved ones’ eye health with Energeyes Digital Lenses.

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