Thursday, September 1, 2016

Full Throttle Season 2 in Fox Sports

Local magazines nowadays are too predictable and cliché, with some still uses the same repetitive method that has been used for their previous issues. Full Throttle Magazine promises to change all that.

Designed for all car enthusiasts, whether they’re avid petrol heads who devour all things car-related or curious car buyers simply on the lookout for the best deals, Full Throttle Magazine will provide its viewers an innovative and vibrant take on both the local and international auto industry with groundbreaking features about cars, personalities and the latest buzz in the motoring scene.

Using AUDRA’s platform, Full Throttle Magazine is the first full interactive digital magazine in the country that will produce stories that are creatively presented and catered to those viewers who are on-the-go without compromising the content for car enthusiasm.

Audra is a tool for creating eMagazines, audio dramas, photobooks and other digital books in ePub format. Documents produced by Audra can be exported as an ePub file and can be opened using the Audra App on IOS and android. Audra is designed to help authors and publishers create ePub versions of their materials and make it available for mobile publishing, sharing or selling online.

Backed by experts in their respective fields, Full Throttle Magazine guarantees its readers that when it comes to news and entertainment of the two- and four-wheeled kind, they won’t get left behind!

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