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Something to Know About Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy

The Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy (MCHA) is a newly established learning institution in San Juan City which provides world class culinary education. MCHA is an institution of higher learning which is professional in scope, social centered, and committed to prepare culinary professionals with marketable and transferrable skills in the ever changing culinary and hospitality industry.
Our primary goal is to educate our students with innovative technologies and techniques in food preparation and services. Our program is designed to meet the career goals of diverse population. Our courses are structured to develop and equip our students with relevant skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to become globally competitive industry practitioners.

The Diploma in Culinary Arts program covers 2 fundamental TESDA qualifications which are Cookery NCII and Bread and Pastry Production NCII. The hands-on learning experiences and in-depth knowledge gained from the program will prepare the students for the grueling world of the food service industry. The students will spend 7 months training in the school and another 5 months on the job training at hotels or restaurants.
Upon completion of the program’s requirements, the students will be issued a diploma and 2 national certificates from TESDA.
Admission Guidelines
1.    Submit the following documents:
  • Photocopy of NSO certificate of live birth
  • 2 pieces of passport size colored picture with white background
  • Medical certificate
For high school graduates:
  • Certified true copy of diploma
  • Original form 138 (high school report card)
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • NCAE
For college undergraduates:
  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Certified true copy of grades
For college graduates: 
  • Certified true copy of diploma
  • Honorable Dismissal
2.    Settle payment for tuition fees.
3.    Attend the orientation.

Spot Cash
P   172,000.00
P   185,000.00
Enrollment Fee
P     30,000.00
1st Month
P     23,000.00
2nd Month
P     22,000.00
3rd Month
P     22,000.00
4th Month
P     22,000.00
5th Month
P     22,000.00
6th Month
P     22,000.00
7th Month
P     22,000.00

  • Tuition fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Reservation fee of P 10,000.00 will be deducted from the total amount to be paid.
  • For Installment Plan, an initial payment of P 30,000.00 should be made and the remaining balance amounting to P 155,000.00 is payable for consecutive seven (7) months, with the amount of P 23,000.00 – P 22,000.00 monthly.
  • BDO account (Savings Account Name: Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy, Inc. Account Number: 002550097692). Please present the deposited slip validated by the bank to the School Cashier for issuance of official receipt.
  • Check payments should be payable to Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy, Inc. and will be accepted by the School Cashier.
  • All payments are non-refundable / non-transferable.
  • All students who opted to take the installment scheme are required to submit post-dated checks to represent his / her tuition for the whole year. Holding of checks is also not allowed.

Course Inclusion
  • Cost of ingredients
  • 2 sets of uniform (chef’s jacket, apron, toque)
  • Identification card
  • recipe and manuals hand outs

  • Tuition fees do not include the expenses for the final hands-on exams, competition, dry run, hotel immersion, national competency examination, knife set and graduation.

            The school management reserves the right to cancel or postpone the class if it does not reach 10 students.

Basic Culinary Arts Fundamentals (August 27)
60 Hours
Saturday class 8:00am to 1:00pm
Price: P29, 500.00

Course outline:
1st Session: History of Culinary Art 6th Session: Salad and Sandwiches
Basic tools and equipment 7th Session: Grilling and Roasting
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point 8th Session: Sautéing and Deep Frying
Kitchen Organizations 9th Session: Steaming and Stewing
Basic Culinary Terminologies 10th Session: Braising and Blanching
2nd Session: Knife Skills 11th Session: Simmering and Poaching
3rd Session: Cooking Methods 12th Session: Baking
Cooking Techniques
4th Session: Basic Stocks
5th Session: Basic Sauces

Cooking Around the world in 12 sessions (Continuous)
60 Hours
Saturday class 1:00 to 6:00pm
Price: P29, 500.00

Course outline:

1st Session: French Cuisine 7th Session: Chinese Cuisine
2ndt Session: Italian Cuisine 8th Session: Japanese Cuisine
3rd Session: Spanish Cuisine 9th Session: Korean Cuisine
4th Session: Greek Cuisine 10th Session: Thai Cuisine
5th Session: American Cuisine 11th Session: Indian Cuisine
6th Session: Mexican Cuisine 12th Session: Filipino Cuisine

Pastry Arts Fundamentals (Continuous)
60 Hours
Saturday class 1:00 to 6:00pm
Price: P29, 500.00

Course outline:

1st Session: Introduction to Pastry Arts 7th Session: Pies and Tarts
2ndt Session: Puddings and Custards 8th Session: Meringues
3rd Session: Bread 1 9th Session: Mousse Cakes
4th Session: Bread 2 10th Session: Pate a Choux
5th Session: Fruit Desserts 11th Session: Basic Cakes
6th Session: Chocolates 12th Session: Advance Cakes
Short Course Includes:
  • Ingredients
  • 1 set of uniform
  • Recipes manuals

  • Birth certificate
  • Valid ID

One-time payment on or before the class will start. Cash or Check Payment will be accepted.

Address: #663 J. Wright St., Brgy. Batis San Juan City

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