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Uniquely Filipino
Much has been said and written about Pinoy pop culture and tradition. Our enduring thoughtfulness & unparalleled hospitality is a known legacy rooted from and well-thought by our forefathers. History authenticate the fact that our tribe across the globe is “notorious” to extra-care for strangers as much as for love ones. OFW's homecoming won't be a complete trip, they say,  without extending something handy for someone. 

The  Happy Juans
True. Pinoys are fond of making people smile sans life's looming woes and crisis.  The one-of-a-kind  trait, no doubt,  run  in our blood and embedded deep in the core of our being.   We find bliss each time we get to receive. Joyful when we genuinely share. Likewise, we simply give more than our hands and arms could (even at some point, nothing is  left  to us). But the heck! its in our nature to do so.  Indeed,  our trademark  of  generosity shines  even brighter in contrast to that of our asian counterparts  and  smittened the rest of our foreign neighbors across the globe. 

Speaking of Inspiration, A  word-class  brand was born  in the Island!...

SITSIRYA SARI-SARI is a brainchild of modest Filipino couple OFRACE and ERA OCAMPO wayback 2001. Their influence, I found out were  mirrored from their family of cooks and resto'-business  owners. Their inspirations drawn from their harrowing events in life.  Their motivations, on the other hand, were all, but  triggered from the people who believed, tried, tested and helped promote  their so-called "labor of love " through the  years. 

The company's mantra, on the other hand,  magnifies the  values they instilled  out of their  honor to  God , Family and Country  towards topnotch Product & competitive Customer Services from a highly-trained Team of equally humble workers.  SSS envisioned to be one  of the prime source of good quality Philippine made sweets, delicacies and "pampasalubong" products at a friendly cost.   The aim of which, is to provide income-generating opportunities to franchisees, retailers and manufacturers that  channels to both local and international market. 

In the spirit of  celebration....


Tantamount to Pinoy's pro-happy countenance, the sunny color & buntings of  SITSIRYA SARI-SARI signifies a  "fiesta" atmosphere.  

The brand's name itself means sweets & delicacies. Healthwise, the same is not a junkfood in kind, but  trad finger food delicately sourced  from the republic's far-flung shores. Hence,  the same  earned the nod of approval from government's trade industry sector.  

Now hailed as world class upon earning a seal of assurance by 


Mr. Eufracio C. Ocampo, President and General Manager of SITSIRYA SARI-SARI, INC. is also a GO-Negosyo cerfitied mentor as he spoke before digital influencers  during a blogger's conference few weeks back. 

He kept his dignified poise, wear his congenial smile while  in-retrospect of the challenges he had been. "Somebody had to die for us to leave". He shared on how they had to borrow from a demised in-law to come up with a meager capital.  Hence, from his humble origin to a profitable businessman, he made it a point to keep his feet grounded. He continued to innovate his marketing skills and coached the newbies of the tips of the trade.

SEEN: Corporate man Mr. Ocampo  snapshot here with his wife Ms. Era both earned a degree in  Hotel & Restaurant Management & Pharmacist are both mentored by University of the Philippines

"Childhood inretrospect of of 'anak' waiting for the parent or older sibs carrying that token from the heart – that “supot” on hand. “It's a custom we capitalized on”, It treats you with unforgotten memories, says the man of the hour."

The Dark times has led them to light. Has grown a long way after they started joining exhibitions and fairs. Special mention to the Gokongweis of Robinson's mall for eyeing its potential and opened her door for one it's earliest stall in the Metro.Beside the Gokongweis, he look to the likes of Henry Ford and Tony Tan Cacktiong of Jollibe Foods Corp. fuels his driving force to succeed. 



Coined from the term "pasalubong"  or token from the heart, a local label came in the picture and oath to stay for ages to come. SSS is Now a world class brand in terms of food retail concept. Name it, SSS has them.

Token to home!

After some months of blogging hiatus to pave way to my teaching job, I managed to return to blogging circle. Thanks to #Boy Raket, admin of this blogsite for choosing me to represent him in the event.

Thank you Sitsirya Sari-Sari for this Sweet Box! Yours truly, #thebluepoet  would remember the  warm & wonderful people behind this award-winning brand. Proudly Pinoy made! 

The Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox is Convenient, hassle-free, gift-giving through assorted sets. Free,  when you purchase recommended product sets.

But before me and my fellow digital influencers were summoned to boost their potential in the virtual world, Sitsirya Sari has been  featured in the mainstream media  (TV, Radio and Print) and tasted by popular celebrities in the country.

These & More would perfectly fit the box -  Expect these lip-smacking snacks to be equally addicting!

a pretty good counterpart to the chocolate of the west, or dates of the arab countries,  the eye-candy items shows quality from inside as well as the outside with  their superior packaging.  

 - the offerings are eye-candy enough for hungry eyes, and the results are by-products of the team's diligence and dedication to come up with the best in town

Sitsirya’s use of high-grade desiccants and triple-layer foil in premium boxes also improves the products’ shelf life and quality, cutting the need for preservatives and making them easy to distribute even overseas.

Franchising Power

Food Specialties to the the world!” - Promoting regional delicacies


Upto date with close to 20 existing store outlets around the capital and in Visayan Region, and a regular consignors in Kultura section of giant mall SM

While investment is such a big word (so big that people shy away from it), SSS has set something special for you. 

What does the total franchise investment cover?  feel free to click this link WWW.SITSIRYA.COM and take advantage of the company's  affordable franchise offer and enjoy their SSS  S3 Advantage - Sweet Memories, Simple Business Model that works  and  Seal of branding excellence.

Bloggable Moments

Products were not just demo, but the novelty dance as well!... The team seen here in sync with  "Bahay-Kubo", SSS theme :) Captivating  steps and true-blue pinoy rhythm merged in one. 


Had a brief chat with smiling men in green! - SSS's part of its many advocacies is to employ the humblest of people with no University degrees, but competent enough to contribute in fast-phase operation. 

Ms. Pastillas in the house - Popular Travel Blogger and a good friend of mine Ms. Rona Beltran enjoying her sweet moment  as   paparazied by yours truly

Who hasn't adore this sinfully addicting crispy appetizer from Bulacan? 

 Thumbs Up from my Team-Mates!

My office friends and co-English Teachers Loisa, Neil & Tina gamely  poses before cam after tasting & liking the sweet tokens  I shared with 

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