Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Hood by FUBU 2016

The Biggest and Baddest Hip-Hop Event of the Country. From the sickest car rides and row riders, the moves of street dancing and B-Boys, Best of the Best Influential Tatoo Icons, Artistic Graffity of the Streets, dopest street ballers to the True-to-Form underground rapers and Hip-Hop legends.

It was a massive day of Pure Hip-Hop! They gathered all Hip-Hop cultures and subcultures to take part in one pimped out event to entertain, be entertained and live the FUBU way

Definitely you can see Hip-Hop culture everywhere in this event, dope I can say and one can't help but look at those sexy ladies from Primiere and be entertained from the street dance and rap battle while getting some tatoo

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