Friday, October 21, 2016

10 Ideas for Decorating your Home for Halloween

Are you excited about the spookiest night of the year? Perhaps you are planning a party. Maybe you are just considering giving some trick-or-treat kids a fright! We are here to help you make the most of this opportunity to be gruesome. Leading real estate portal has prepared 10 spooky tips for Halloween home decoration.

1. Innovative Pumpkin Carving

Look up some unique pumpkin carving designs. There are many techniques you can use to make your pumpkins look even spookier, such as moulding and drying wax onto them to create a scary lumpy texture, or creating different surfaces for the light to fall through. The uglier and more unique your pumpkins the better. You could even hang them on chains!

2. Orange Globe String Lights

Put orange globe string lights behind white blinds to give your home a spooky, orange glow. This is also useful for creating a backdrop for your silhouettes (see the next tip).

3. Spooky Silhouettes

Either make your own or purchase some black figures to place in front of your spookily lit windows… Skeletons, witches, ghosts, and ghouls are a great choice. How about a crazy scientist? Just make sure that they are positioned in terrifying poses.

4. Ominous Green Bottles of Poison

Fill up large jars with green liquid and line the entrance of your home with these terrifying bottles of poisonous doom. Place a cauldron in your kitchen and fill it with water and red food colouring to make it look like a witch’s cauldron of blood… Invite guests to stir the cauldron with an ominous wooden spoon; don’t forget to cackle (and to protect your surfaces!).

5. Ghosts Dancing Around a Campfire

Create some scarecrow-like figures for the garden and wrap them in white sheets… Stuff their heads so that they look like people. People will think they are ghosts! Place them in a circle, hand in hand. In the center of the circle, place a messy pile of orange and red LED lights, which are suitable for the outdoors. This will look like a bonfire. Enjoy the look on the faces of passers-by as they walk past a circle of dancing ghouls.

6. Front Garden Graveyard

Invest in some plastic headstones for Halloween… This is a fantastic way to decorate your outdoor space, and it does not cause too much mess.

7. Poison Ivy

How about draping artificial ivy around your dinner table, doorways, or mantle piece? Not only does this add greenery to your space during this fun holiday, it will also create a fun and poisonous look for your home.

8. Creepy Halloween Mirror

This one is a fantastic DIY tip to create a creepy home. Buy an old mirror from a garage sale or take a look in your own basement for an old creepy looking mirror that nobody uses. Find an old photograph or a printout of a scary face that is about the same size as your own. Purchase some steel wool, some transparent tape, some acetone, and find some paper towels. You will also probably need gloves, a screwdriver, and a cloth. With the steel wool, make the mirror look aged by scratching it. Take care not to strip off all the material. Fix the photo behind the glass, and you will have an eerie wall piece to scare all your indoor guests.

9. Spider Web Doorways

Either use cotton wool or a specially made spider web gun to create spooky spider webs in your doorways. You can even spruce up your webs with some realistic-looking plastic creepy crawlies. Just make sure that you and your guests can still get through the door and that you do not create a fire hazard!

10. Hold “Dark Dinner Night”

Nothing says creepy better than eating in the dark… Cover your windows with dark sheets and provide each of your dinner guests with a candle and a blindfold as they walk in. As your guests make their way to their seats with candles in hand, explain that you will serve them shortly, but that before you do, they must help their neighbour put a blindfold on so that everyone in the room is drenched in darkness for the entire evening. Make your guests food with interesting and unusual textures. You will give your guests a unique dining experience and make Halloween super memorable for them!

Have a spooky ghoulish Halloween!

Resource:  Lamudi and MyProperty.Ph

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