Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Harte Hanks Help Sony Regain Brand Loyalists

Sony is a global leader in electronics products, but the Japanese multinational conglomerate once lost this status as a premier brand, at least for the brand loyalists.

How did Sony, an iconic brand for Filipino consumers, regain that lofty position in the world market?

It took a marketing strategy mapped out by Harte Hanks (NYSE:HHS), who is known for driving growth for the world’s largest brands, to turn things around for Sony, one of the world’s largest television manufacturers.

With consumers having more options, how could Sony Corp. generate consumer buzz around its products, and then translate that into long-term loyalty that drives growth and profitability?

Harte Hanks, which will incidentally open on April 21 its BPO-call center at the Mall of Asia Complex, in Pasay City, and the Japanese company devised an integrated marketing campaign that leveraged the power of untapped data from Sony’s existing and prospective customer base. The idea was to keep them a step ahead of the customer.

“We deliver real interactions and measurable engagement results for brands the world over,” said the US-based marketing firm, who had established a main and two secondary locations in the Philippines more than a decade ago. The MOA facility will consolidate Harte Hanks Philippines’ BPO-call center operations in the country. 

The campaign included key elements like direct mail to drive traffic to Sony’s website and Email communications to deliver just the right product information at the right time.

Sony also implemented catalog drops and free standing inserts (FSI) that would engage the customer on a more frequent and relevant basis, resulting in a more engaging and profitable consumer experience, and enhancing loyalty across multiple products and devices.

The Harte Hanks’ strategy paid off as Sony’s sell-through and product registrations, cross sales and conversion rates, and customer satisfaction have all significantly improved.

The company registered a 41 percent growth in revenue and 100 percent increase in email open rates because of the successful marketing initiative.



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